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Do you want to stock our Green Tea Curl Glaze in your bricks and mortar or online store?

Green Tea Curl Glaze is an all-inclusive product designed to style and yet highly nourish each hair strand. Green tea extract is the key! It polishes each hair strand so that the gel will adhere well and define the curl.

Green Tea Curl Glaze is suitable for all textured hair types – coily, curly, wavy and spiral. Green tea extract makes this product a universal curly styler. Green tea extract not only styles hair but nourishes it as well. It is perfect for any one on the go because it fits perfectly into a wash-and-go routine. It is “all-inclusive” in that this will be the only styling gel that a curly will need.

The Green Tea Curl Glaze customer is environmentally conscious and informed about the ingredients found in personal care products. This customer would rather use natural products avoiding chemicals and parabens.

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